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A Tinker's Cuss - Jim Wilson's Blog.

I think a true thing about life is to find something you love and then to stick to it like glue. Love, after all, is more like oxygen than oxygen itself. And we do need lots of oxygen in this life.

A Tinker's Cuss by Jim Wilson

The bloke in the photograph with me is Terry, an old style hillbilly from Tennessee. Me and Terry shared a single-wide in a trailer park off the Calfkiller Road in Cookeville, Tennessee during the winter and spring of 1991.


A Tinker's Cuss by Jim Wilson

I wanted to say a little bit about the French person here on Koh Samui in Thailand.

The French person gets about the place with an innate sense of superiority and casts around sneering at the whole human race and exfoliating socialist fumes on everyone. They believe that everyone would be fine if they only did as they (The French person) wished.


A Tinker's Cuss - Jim Wilson's Blog.

 It has been a long time since I have written a blog but make no bones about it, I have had plenty to say all along the way.


August Kleinzahler's Poem "1975" on a Phantom Billstickers Poem Poster. Enjoy.

 Full Text of August Kleinzahler's poem, "1975".

Kicking Against the Pricks - A brief encounter with American Poet, Lover & Fighter, Gerald Stern

Gerald Stern is one of the USA’s foremost poets, and approaching his 90th year, one of the great survivors. He’s known many of America’s well-known poets, as well as its artists, including Andy Warhol.

The Things You Do For Love Come Back One by One - an interview with Hamish Kilgour, Clean dude, collaborator, solo artist, Kiwi creator in New York.

Thirty-five years or so after forming his first band in Dunedin, New Zealand, Hamish Kilgour remains a creative force - drummer, percussionist, dreamer, creator, and friend to many. On the eve of The Clean’s latest tour of the United States, he talked to Richard Langston about his first solo album, producing Chinese band Carsick Cars, and surviving 20 years of living and making music in New York. 

There must be Someway Outta Here said the Joker to the Priest

Songwriter and singer Stephen Cogle was at the heart of the bands in Christchurch in the late 70s/early 80s that led to the formation of Flying Nun. He’s been in the Vacuum, Victor Dimisch Band, and Terminals.

The Dark Stuff - The Voyage of Discovery of Tom Lax - from Ohio to Christchurch, NZ.

Tom Lax grew up in rural Ohio, lives in Philadelphia, and is in love with a certain strain of dark, unsettling and raw music from Christchurch, New Zealand. So much so he releases it on the record label he started 25 years ago, Siltbreeze. Tom’s life in music is marked by many things but two in particular: seeing the band Pere Ubu as a 17 year old, and by a few boxes of records that arrived one day in the mid-80s in the record store where he worked in Philadelphia. The records were from New Zealand.

Cafe Reader Vol. 2 Summer 2013

The new summer edition of the Phantom Billstickers Café Reader is out now.

Featuring poetry and prose from some of the best writers nationally and internationally, we can't be more excited.

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