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Cafe Reader Vol. 2 Summer 2013

The new summer edition of the Phantom Billstickers Café Reader is out now.

Featuring poetry and prose from some of the best writers nationally and internationally, we can't be more excited.

We've placed thousands around the country, check out the (not even exhaustive) list below to see where you can find a copy!

The Flavour of the Meat by Bill Direen

 This week a subscription label in the USA released the new vinyl album Flavour of the Meat. It features three expatriated kiwis and a lo-fi indie bassist, and was recorded in Brooklyn earlier this year during my visit to the USA. Grapefruit has previously released music by the likes of (the incomparable) Renderers (as The Renderizors), Bruce Russell and Roy Montgomery, Lambchop and Dump (James McNew). Due to postponement by famous German band Faust, the label accepted Flavour for September release.

A Tinker's Cuss - Part 4

The catacombs below my apartment in Princeton, New Jersey.

 A Tinker's Cuss - Jim Wilson's weekly blog.


A Tinker's Cuss by Jim Wilson. Part 2

Yesterday in New Jersey I was racing that pissant Toyota Prius down I-95 about as fast as it could go when an incredible thunderstorm broke and lightning went zig-zagging across the sky. The rain began to beat down so bad that I had to take refuge in a truck stop and wait until the whole thing had blown over.

Phantom Billstickers Presents Kiwi Poets

Five years ago Phantom Billstickers started our Poems on Posters project. We have since printed poems on posters by 81 poets, 70 of them New Zealanders. 

In all, 116 poems on thousands of posters have been placed, seen, read and loved all over the world in 

places as diverse as Glasgow, Scotland, Deadwood in South Dakota & Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

Not to mention throughout New Zealand. 



Winter in Marlborough - By Bill Direen

With a spontaneous show planned for this Saturday and a test match in the Quake capital on the same day, I am on my way to Christchurch where I’ll soon be rehearsing and drumming up support. But first, a catch up with relatives on an old stomping ground.
 old stomping ground.JPG


The silence, the provocative spaces generated by installations, the emotion of colour in spaces dedicated to paintings or constructions, or the fact that I can simply enjoy an art-form in which I have no professional or vested interest, whatever the reason, I always enjoy a day roaming the galleries, and I was looking forward to satisfying my yen in the ART capital itself.


Tour Diary #4 NYC: By Bill Direen

My catch-up-on-old-friends tour has now brought me to the East Coast of America, the big USA, sister revolutionary of France (LIberty, the Statue of), and major emigration endpoint of European boat people. It's a privilege to be travelling from France to the USA, mature countries who decided their own destiny all that time ago, and came up with mighty founding documents based on the rights of man.

Tour Diary #2 - By Bill Direen

Saturday. I was woken this morning by the sound of cowbells. It wasn't David our drummer practising, but cowbelled goats and cattle on the hill behind where we are staying. As I stood on the kerb and tried to zoom up the steep incline to get a photo of them a snazzy little electric car shot by and nearly ended my tour prematurely. Everything here is a mixture of the older than old and the most modern of the modern. We are in Switzerland, actually. We have been lodged in the Swiss house of our hosts,who run the marvellous alternative venue in Feldkirche.