Ponsonby Road – A Love Letter By Becky Woodall

20 February, 2011

Ponsonby Road – A Love Letter

Ponsonby Road – You Slut
Prancing affectedly along the ridge
Despite the fact you don’t have a volcanic dome to your name
It may be 2010
But the way you advertise your tolerance
And provide safe harbour
To gays, backpackers and property developers
It scares the suburban traffic
That rushes off the bridge
And they are forced along the waterfront
When it would be quicker to cut across town

Ponsonby Road – You Ass Licker
With your arrogant pedestrians
Sitting sunglassed on the pavement
In the middle of winter
With your cafes spilling attitude
Where anyone might trip over it
With your lopsided advertising dolls
Marching satchels stuffed with irony
Brandishing brands identical in way, shape and form
Clustering to fuck one another
Thursday evening through Saturday morning
And ignore each other Monday through Wednesday
Over coffee

Ponsonby Road – You Phony
Your silly little villas
Are priced and painted way too seriously
It’s like you can’t recall
When they billowed reefer smoke
And stood sentry over student vomit
Until the compassionate Auckland rain
Erased the weekend sins away
And the way you pop your overpriced pills
And swill them down
With bubbles bought at happy hour
You remind me of a crossbreed dog
Dressed in a puppy designer knock off
Pretty cute but to an expert
What’s underneath
Is only a pretender to the throne

But Ponsonby Road – I’m Grateful
For your vibrant vantage point
To view the stiff grey city
For your whimsy
And the way you fight the wankers
Who try claim you
By sheltering fond memories in your street frontages
Provide a Maginot line
To keep the brutal same-same architecture at bay
You make me laugh
Because you know it takes all-sorts
Because what’s here today, will be gone tomorrow
But you will remain
A conveyor belt for life’s performers
Wanna bes, gonna bes and someones
An umbrella in a cocktail
Taking my criticism, on both cheeks
Best of all; You love to be
Talked about


Becky Woodall is an aspiring novelist and poet. She placed second equal in the 2010 Going West Poetry Slam and her work is included in the 2010 New Zealand Poetry Society anthology across the fingerboards and also in the NZPC project All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney. She reads occassionally at Poetry Live.



Love it!!