For Christchurch by Becky Woodall

27 February, 2011

For Christchurch



What’s a house?

Four walls

You can’t live there anymore

But people aren’t buildings

They come with you when you go

And as you leave

Take time

Pick over history

Keepsakes, old bottle tops and corks

Until they just become debris

Savour the view

One last time

A postcard from the old to the new


The kitchen that was never painted over

This way

Everyday you’ll remember its


Wardrobes borrowed from a book

Passageways that seemed too dark

Were always on a list of

Things that needed work

Rest assured

There are new rooms on rent

Until you claim them

From where

You’ll write your story

On a continuum - Do away with

References to chapters

Stop putting things that can’t be packed in boxes

Just be



-Becky Woodall