A Tinker's Cuss - Part 4

The catacombs below my apartment in Princeton, New Jersey.

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A Tinker's Cuss by Jim Wilson. Part 2

Yesterday in New Jersey I was racing that pissant Toyota Prius down I-95 about as fast as it could go when an incredible thunderstorm broke and lightning went zig-zagging across the sky. The rain began to beat down so bad that I had to take refuge in a truck stop and wait until the whole thing had blown over.

Phantom Billstickers Presents Kiwi Poets

Five years ago Phantom Billstickers started our Poems on Posters project. We have since printed poems on posters by 81 poets, 70 of them New Zealanders. 

In all, 116 poems on thousands of posters have been placed, seen, read and loved all over the world in 

places as diverse as Glasgow, Scotland, Deadwood in South Dakota & Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

Not to mention throughout New Zealand. 



Phantom Billstickers - National Poetry Day 2012

Friday July 27th is National Poetry Day.


To celebrate this very special day Phantom Billstickers will be putting 2000 A1 street-posters featuring poems

throughout New Zealand. Look for them on a poster site near you.


Poets you can expect to see featured include:


Tusiata Avia, Hinemoana Baker, Janet Frame, Frankie McMillan, Marty Schofield, Simone Kaho,

Nicola Easthope, Bill Direen, Richard Langston, Jay Clarkson, Kelly Ana Morey, Kirsten Warner, Sandra Bell,




Nau mai, haere mai, ka nui nui te mihi ki a koutou katoa, nga hoa aroha o Aotearoa me nga tuhinga whiti o reira.

Translation from Maori: A warm welcome to all poetry lovers and friends of New Zealand.


Phantom Billstickers Cookeville Poetry Poster Run by Jeffery D McCaleb

Cookeville is not exactly the prime place for postering; 1st of all, it's not allowed unless you're having a yard sale or haggling off your possessions in a garage. 2ndly, people don't walk around much unless they're walking the hills checking for cattle. The only other time I've seen much walking is at the mall, which isn't much of a mall at all; it's more of an indoor track for old folks with empty shops & memories. 3rd, where people do take a few strolls around with feet are at parks or near downtown Cookeville where all the poles have turned into metal for beautification.

Phantom Billstickers, San Francisco Poetry Poster Run by Jim Wilson. August 13th and 14th 2011.

This was to be my final poster run before leaving the USA on my way back to New Zealand.  I'm writing this some months afterwards and so I can't even remember which poem posters I was carrying, but there would have been about ten different Kiwi poets involved and two or three Americans.

Poetry on Posters in the middle of nowhere by Hi Newman

Kiwi poetry on posters ready for the Sunday Ladies' Picnic at Bethany Cafe, Gain

When Jim Wilson asked if I’d put a few posters up locally, I’m sure he thought I’d go to bookstores, the library, coffeeshops, the usual intellectual stuff. Well, here in Gainesboro, Tennessee, there is a bookstore… sort of. A used book store, but apparently it’s a used book museum because it’s never open. So, as usual in such an out-of-the-mainstream area, we did things a little differently.


shut YOURSELF up - and LISTEN

shut YOURSELF up - and LISTEN



how else will they learn

to talk?

learn to sing?

learn to shout, be herd

above the rabble and

dazzle of trucks and

enormous people?

with flashing lights and

TV and self-importance?


how DARE we tell





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